History, Tradition, Culture, Heritage, Tourism & Festivals of Purulia

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Purulia, also known as “Manbhum City”.

History of Purulia:

Purulia district was a part of Banga, one of the 16 Mahajana pada according to Jaina Bhagavati Sutra and known as Vajra-bhumi in ancient period. Medieval period, this territory was regarded as part of Jharkhand region. The British East India Company acquired this territory by obtaining the grant of Diwani of the subahs of Bengal, Bihar, Orissa in 1765.

A Jungle Mahals district composed of 23 parganas and mahals including the present Purulia  was formed. In 1838 the district headquarters was transferred from Manbazar to Purulia. The present Purulia district was born on November 1, 1956.

The district is currently a part of the Red Corridor.

Heritage and Tradition of Purulia / Folk culture of Purulia:

The mask dance of Purulia, Chau represents the essentially local culture. The uniqueness of the Chau lies in the fact that Chou is the dramatic representation of

Mask dance of Purulia pics

Mask dance of Purulia

everyday life of the common people. As the time passing away other culture was synchronized with the local culture of the tribals and that brings new style of the present day Chau dance or Chhau Nach.

As you enter Chorida, a small village in Purulia district during Chau season, the village that provides some of the best masks, practically every house and every member of the household is seen occupied in making masks or assembling decorations for headgears.

Jhumur Song and Chhou Dance (naach) is traditional folk dance and culture of Purulia.

Festivals of Purulia:

As per as the recreation of the people of Purulia are concerned it can be said that several fairs and festivals are held in the district throughout the year. Other than the fairs the festivals which are celebrated in the district are Durga Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Id-Ul- Fitr, Christmas and a lot more.

Tourism of Purulia:

Want to visit Purulia? In Purulia there is lots of place to visit. If you are a nature lover Purulia is a perfect place to visit. Natural forests of Ayodhya, Matha and Kuilapal no doubt will attract you. Falls, tribal habitations of Ajodhya Hills, Bagmundih, Panchet dam, Murguma Dam will surely attract you to its vintage and  heritage building like Panchakot Raj Place, trekking range of Matha proud with Pakhi Pahar, and Joychandi Pahar.

Picnic spots of Purulia like Duarsini, Doladanga, Jamuna always amaze you.



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